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Entrance schedule

The cave is open year-round except March. High season lasts from 1 July to 31 August. There are 2 regular entries for maximally 20 people during high season every day. During low season cave visit has to be booked in advance by calling +421 905412048 or via e-mail: stankov@ke.psg.sk. We recommend reserving a visit during high season as well, because number of visitors for an entry is limited. Children of age 6 to 15 can visit the cave accompanied by their parent. Tourist route in the cave is suitable almost for everyone. However, certain mobility is required. Overweight people should therefore consider a visit well. 


Period Season Entrance time
1.1. - 31.3. CLOSED -
1.4. - 30.6. LOW  1000, 1300
1.7. - 31.8. HIGH 1000, 1300
1.9. - 31.10. LOW 1000, 1300
1.11. - 31.12. CLOSED -


A visit is possible when there are minimally 4 visitors or when paying up price for 4 people. During low season, a visit can be also booked for other time, if it does not affect other visits.


RULES FOR VISITORS of the Krásnohorská jaskyňa cave

Visitors are requested to arrive at the Jozefína Pension in Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka village 15 – 20 minutes before the entrance time. Please, do not go to the cave entrance without being accompanied by tour guide. In the Jozefína pension you will be given cave overals and helmets with lights. The route to cave entrance is 1300 metres long. In front of the cave entrance the visitors put their overals and helmets on. Then, they are ready to enter the cave.
The tour in underground takes approximately 1,5 hour. The overal time of the tour (from pension to the cave and back) takes approximately 2,5 – 3 hours. Fee is 8 Euros for children, students, pension Jozefína guests and, 10 Euros for adults. The fee is paid in pension Jozefína before the entrance. It is possible to pay only cash, not by credit card. In the course of cave tour, visitors go through wooden benches, ladders, rope travers and rocky terrain. Temperature in the cave is 9 °C, it is humid and draught there. It is highly recommended to have long trousers, warm jacket, gloves for children and good quality tourist shoes. In case of bad weather we recommend to have an umbrella.

The cave is also suitable for young visitors. Children who are 8 years older are welcome. Younger children (between 6 and 8 years) have to have the assistance of a tour guide who takes responsibility for them and goes hand in hand with them for the whole time of a tour. If a child is too small or too shy, they are not allowed to go to the cave. Children under the age of 8 years are not allowed to go to the cave at well. Visiting of the cave requires a certain physical and mental ability. Visitors who might have problems can berecommended by a tour guide not to enter a cave.

Visitors enter the cave in a group of 4 people minimum and 10 people maximum. In oder to enter the cave on day and time the visitors wish, we recommend them to reserve the term in advance.

The 2 days in advance is the optimal time for reservation. If you make your reservation earlier, you have to confirm the term two days before the term. Before entering the cave the visitors are
informed about the conditions of entering the cave and safety rules. Not respecting these condition may lead to an earlier termination of the tour.